We are devoted to truth. If we know it, we share it, if it will help you. If the truth will not help you, we will help you protect your facts to the extent the law allows. We respect attorney-client confidentiality. Malouf Law Offices provides legal services in all District Courts in Northern Utah, including Logan, Brigham City, and Randolph; all Municipal Courts throughout the Northern Utah and the Cache Valley area; plus the Utah Labor Commission and the Utah Federal Court. Attorneys at Malouf Law Offices care about your questions and what you are going through. We work to help you get the best results for your situation while remaining devoted to truth. The following are some of the legal services we provide:


At Malouf Law Offices, we can assist you with all types of adoptions: private placement adoption, step-parent adoption, surrogate adoption, open adoption and closed adoption, and international adoption. Adoption unites and helps your family grow. We can help you.

Business Law

Malouf Law Offices has years of expertise in working in the world of commercial law, rights and relations of persons in commerce, sales, trade and merchandising.

Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident in or near Logan, Utah, attorneys at Malouf Law Offices are qualified to assist in cases of negligent drivers, distracted drivers, impaired drivers and aggressive drivers. The other driver’s insurance company will either negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to you, or we can bring the case to court.

Civil Litigation

When you need civil lawyers, Malouf Law Offices is ready and able to help in civil litigation and pre-trial procedures to represent you or your business in court, and assist in the enforcement of a judgment. When it comes to defending civil lawsuits filed for alleged wrongful conduct, we have the legal experience you need. If you have been wronged, we can file your claim.


Malouf Law Offices has expertise at creating long and very short contracts that are enforceable, to set forth mutual assent, capacity, and consideration for real estate deals, involving real property descriptions, landlord and tenant, waivers, hold harmless agreements or pre-marital (prenuptial) and post-marital agreements.

Criminal Defense

Malouf Law Offices has honed the skills to defend clients and assure that they are extended the full legal protections of the law. If you are guilty, our honest rapport with local Prosecutors allows us to procure our clients the best possible outcomes. If you are not guilty, for our reasonable fee, we will help you establish a reasonable doubt.

Divorce and Custody

Malouf Law Offices is able to help you through the difficult and complicated legalities of divorce, from filing a petition for divorce, advising about child custody, negotiating a proper settlement, preparing the findings, drafting parent plans, preparing the decree, and guiding you when you have questions.


At Malouf Law Offices, we understand that handled incorrectly, a DUI conviction can have longer lasting consequences, including the loss of driving privileges, impairment of job opportunities and the payment of large fines and penalties. We work to minimize the damage and the long-term effects of DUI-related charges.

Estate Planning

Whether you need a power of attorney while you are alive, a living will, an advance healthcare directive, a will or trust, want something put in a trust, want to choose the right personal representative to speak for you at death, plan for a real property transfer or to distribute personal property, Malouf Law Offices' estate planning services apply the expertise to help you best prepare for the future.

Personal Injury

Malouf Law Offices will assist you in finding the best legal remedies and defenses in personal injury cases. If we can, we negotiate with insurance companies directly to obtain our client's best possible settlement. If the settlement offer isn’t good enough, we will take it to trial.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking for legal assistance with rights and interests in real estate and real property, sales, purchases or other transfers of real property, or if you’re dealing with landlord issues, titles, settlement claims, property development, land use issues, home loans or foreclosures, a Malouf Law Offices real estate lawyer can help you navigate the complex landscape of real estate law.

Social Security Appeals

Statistically, most Social Security claims are denied at the initial claim and again during reconsideration levels. The Malouf Law Offices social security attorney is a proven advocate in helping you set out the facts for your Social Security disability claim.

Workers Compensation

When you are hurt at work, you have a workers’ compensation claim. You may need a hearing. Malouf Law Offices is ready and able to assist your getting the monetary benefits to which you are entitled if you are injured during the course of your employment, regardless of fault, or, if you have a repetitive motion injury at work, from doing things people don’t normally do in their ordinary lives, except at work. If you have a pre-existing injury (or you don’t), we know how to evaluate and present your workers compensation claim.