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We are devoted to truth. We provide guidance in ways to help you. We work hard for you. We respect attorney-client confidentiality. Malouf Law Offices provides legal services in all District and Justice Courts in Northern Utah, mainly Logan, Brigham City, and Randolph. We assist in filing and resolving disputes and complaints with the Utah Labor Commission, State of Utah Courts, and the Utah Federal Court. Malouf Law Offices answers your questions. We prepare, with your help, Wills, Trusts, and Deeds. We help you do all you can to avoid probate. Following are areas of legal practices we provide:


Malouf Law Offices can assist you with the following types of adoptions: private or agency, newborn and older, foster care, step-parent, single-parent, contested and international.

Business Law

Malouf Law Offices has significant expertise in business and commercial law, the rights and relations of employers and employees, leases, purchase and sale agreements, non-compete contracts, and responses to government requests.

Car Accident/Personal Injury

If you have been in an automotive accident in or near Logan and Northern Utah, Malouf Law Offices can help you. We can directly negotiate or file suit for a fair settlement acceptable to you with the other driver’s insurance company or file your case in court. If you are blamed for an accident we can present your defense. Malouf Law Offices will assist in using true facts for the best legal remedies in personal injury cases.

Civil Litigation

For all types of civil disputes Malouf Law Offices can represent you, your family or your business, to seek court orders, defend against orders or defend a judgment. If you have been wronged we can present, file and argue your claim. We will defend you from alleged wrongful conduct.


Malouf Law Offices has expertise in drafting, enforcing, and analyzing a variety of contracts and agreements. Contracts can be as long or short as necessary to cover the important details. We understand mutual assent, capacity, business, personal, and real estate contracts. We deal with real property legal descriptions, landlord and tenant issues, waivers, easements, hold harmless agreements, pre-marital (prenuptial), and post-marital agreements.

Criminal Defense

Even reasonable doubt may seem hopeless. We can often greatly improve the outcome of your case. You always have the right to plead not guilty in a criminal case. Our knowledge of local prosecutors allows us to procure your best possible outcome. We work to ensure the courts do not wrongfully convict or impose an excessive sentence.

Divorce & Custody

Malouf Law Offices will help you through the divorce process. We are committed to educating you on how the divorce process works and help you consider all legal options. We will help negotiate an equitable solution or try the case. We prepare the petitions for divorce, related documents, and answers. We can file petitions for modifications and appeals, and defend Order to Show Cause. We will keep you updated throughout the case and answer your questions.


Malouf Law Offices understands that a DUI conviction has long-lasting consequences including the loss of driving privileges, payment of fines, required counseling and the legislative consequences. We work to minimize the damage and effects of a DUI-related charge. If you believe your arrest was unjust, call us.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is preparation to manage your assets in the event of your incapacitation or death. Whether you need a power of attorney, a living will, or advance healthcare directive, or a will and assets put into trust, we can help you. It is important to make sure assets are managed prudently and that next-generation family members or other heirs will receive inheritances without unnecessary difficulty based on your conditions. We can help your heirs avoid probate. We can help you navigate through complicated situations, multiple trusts, multiple heirs, and multiple assets.

Real Estate

Malouf Law Offices can represent your interest in real estate, transfers, investments, purchases and sales. We help you understand your rights and interests in residential and commercial transactions, financing loans, deeds, title issues, foreclosures, real estate development, and land use issues.

Workers Compensation

One important difference between a personal injury claim and a Worker’s Compensation claim is that a personal injury claim is based on the fault or negligence of someone else whereas a Worker’s Compensation case is not. Employees may encounter a work injury regardless of fault, or, if you have a repetitive motion injury at work from performing tasks people do not normally perform in their ordinary lives, or do not know how to evaluate and present your Workers Compensation claim whether or not you have a pre-existing injury, we can help. There are several situations in which workers may also be able to file a personal injury claim. Malouf Law Offices will help you get the “compensation” or monetary benefits to which you are entitled.

We understand the enormity of workplace injuries and how they may impact your financial situation. We can explain what to do and help you present your claim to the Utah Labor Commission.

Social Security Appeals & Disability Claims

Statistically, most Social Security claims are denied at the initial claim and reconsideration levels. Malouf Law Offices will assist you to set out the facts to support your Social Security Disability claim. The process for being awarded a benefit based on a disability can be long and upsetting. We can help from the initial claims level to the Appeals Council level.

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We respect attorney-client confidentiality. Malouf Law Offices provides legal services in all District Courts in Northern Utah